Car accidents lead to a myriad of different injuries and problems that can range from mild to sever. Car accident chiropractic services from Schilsky Chiropractic Center can help with all of the most common negative side effects of motor vehicle collisions. Unfortunately for many individuals the aches and pains that are associated with injuries from car accidents do not occur until well after the accident.  Delayed onset pain from injuries is an incredibly common occurrence.

Many individuals who are involved in car accidents often skip medical care because they feel no aches or pains immediately after the collision. Due to adrenaline, muscle guarding, and delayed onset of swelling, it make take days before pain and injuries from car accidents are felt. Medical care should never be skipped after an accident because injuries such as whiplash can be present even if it was a low speed crash. Pain, immobility, headaches, dizziness, and paresthesia can all develop hours to weeks after the initial crash. Medical evaluations must be completed by an experienced medical professional to prevent further damage from improper treatment methods.

Schilsky Chiropractic Center offers car accident chiropractic services to the residents of Jacksonville, North Carolina. We have spent years diagnosing, treating, and managing injuries that occurred during car accidents. With our expertise and medical experience we can help you get your life and medical claims back on track. Make sure to visit our clinic within 24 hours of the initial accident to avoid unnecessary pains and immobility issues. Our skilled doctors have over 15 years of car accident chiropractic experience. You can trust your health and well-being to our professional staff.