Many individuals who have recently been in a car accident seek out the help of a car accident chiropractor for treatment. Often times these individuals come into the office with numbness, tingling, neck pain, and back pain caused by a car accident. Neurological problems, injuries, or disorders are often accompanied by numbness and tingling into the extremities.  The numbness and tingling into extremities is a symptom not an actual spinal injury.

When a patient comes into Schilsky Chiropractic Center with complaints of numbness into their lower extremities, a thorough medical history, x-rays and an MRI should be completed prior to treatment. These radiographic images can help a chiropractor understand what underlying structures have been damaged during a car accident. These images will also be used during any court proceedings following a car accident.

Lower extremity numbness following a collision can be due to an impinged or damaged nerve. Impinged or damaged nerve roots send pain signals down the affected nerve root. Nerve damage from a car accident can be minor or severe with temporary or lifelong negative effects. Typically numbness and tingling into the lower extremities is caused by a herniated lumbar disc or damaged lumbar vertebral body that is impinging upon a nerve root or spinal cord.

An experience car accident chiropractor will take the appropriate steps to ensure that their parents will not face permanent damage following treatment. Schilsky Chiropractic has been successfully treating car accident victims for over 15 years. Foregoing treatment can create long-lasting consequences. Call Schilsky Chiropractic Center for an evaluation following an auto collision.