An outrageous number of Americans suffer from back pain on a daily basis. Many of these people take medication to relieve their pain and immobility that is associated with their back pain. Continuous research has been put into finding the best ways to relieve back pain that affects activities of daily living. One of the promising treatment areas happens to be one of the oldest forms of pain relief; massage. Massage has been proven effective at treating many different medical issues. Massage is just one of the many chiropractic services in Jacksonville that is by Schilsky Chiropractic Center.

Several research studies have been published showing that massage was more effective at treating chronic low back pain than traditional care methods. Certain forms of massage address the underlying musculature that can be causing the chronic back pain instead of focusing on the symptoms. These forms of massage will utilize myofascial release, while helping the musculature relax. Typically chronic back pain can be linked to muscle spasms which will pull unevenly on the spinal column and the surrounding bony structures. When this happens, the human body does not have the opportunity to function correctly. Massage helps significantly with muscle spasm relief.

Overall, massage techniques have been linked to better relaxation, lower stress levels, improved sleep patterns, and an increase in lymphatic system function. Maybe it is time that you began to look at your back pain in a different manner. It is time to try a treatment option that is fully hands on, has been proven effective, and will not rely on medications. For massage and other chiropractic services in Jacksonville, NC contact the professionals at Schilsky Chiropractic Center.