Schilsky Chiropractic Center has seen a great many back injuries that can be attributed to yoga over the years. While most of the time yoga is thought to be beneficial and therapeutic, few understand that it can be extremely detrimental to health and the quality of life if practiced incorrectly. There is no foolproof way to avoid back pain during yoga class. Regardless of the reason that you are seeking a chiropractor for back pain, you are taking the most appropriate steps necessary to decrease back pain!

Individuals that practice yoga do not often get through their entire career without the occasional bout of back pain. Since back pain is so common, many of these individuals do not associate their discomfort or pain to the yoga that they practice. After years of studying chiropractics, many chiropractors for back pain can associate yoga-related back pain to one of two things; muscle soreness, or muscle strains. While yoga may cause other back issues these are the most common problems.

Often times newbies that begin practicing yoga visit a chiropractor for their new or worsening back pain. These individuals are activating musculature that they have never worked out before. The stretching and muscle activation can cause delayed onset muscle soreness that can feel like intense back pain. Typically this type of back pain will fade after 72 hours but may reactivate after intense yoga sessions. Overstretching in yoga is a very real problem. Many people try to get into poses that are far too advanced for their level of understanding. These poses can lead to overstretching which can cause strains or microtearing of musculature. These strains may continue to be painful with certain movements, breathing, etc. for longer periods of time.

For help with abnormal back pain, related to yoga or other sources, contact Schilsky Chiropractic Center. We can help you regain your active lifestyle in the most natural way!