At Schilsky Chiropractic Center, we offer dietary and nutrition counseling services to our clients because we know the important role our diets play in our health. We develop individual diet plans for our clients because we know how difficult it can be to eat healthy. Between the ease of drive-thrus and the incessant presence of fast food advertisements, it is easy to choose convenience over health. We at Schilsky Chiropractic Center are here to tell you that you that nutrition should be a top priority. While it is important to have a healthy diet for your overall health, it is also crucial to the health of your spine in particular.

It may surprise you that your diet has an impact on the health of your spine. However, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Your spine is the main structure of support in your body. Getting the proper vitamins for the bones and muscles that make up your back help it to be strong enough to give you the support you need. Excess weight is also difficult for your spine to handle, so maintaining a healthy weight is important.

A crucial element of maintaining a healthy spine is consuming enough calcium. Calcium prevents osteoporosis, which can lead to fractures in the spine. Calcium-rich foods and drinks include milk, yogurt, black beans, salmon, oranges, spinach, and other dark leafy vegetables. Some people may take calcium supplements, but you should always consult with your doctor before taking a new supplement. While you should prioritize calcium, it is possible to have too much of a good thing: consuming over 2000 milligrams of calcium a day can cause kidney stones.
Schilsky Chiropractic Center can help you design the perfect diet for your health concerns. For more information, contact us today.