In our last blog, we started to go over some common causes of knee pain. In this entry, we will continue to go over the most common causes of knee pain for which you may need to see your chiropractor in Jacksonville.

Injuries to the ligaments

The cruciate ligaments, the ACL and the PCL, can cause quite a bit of pain when injured. They may become sprained, or the ACL could be torn in contact sports or automobile accidents. The medial collateral ligaments are usually injured by a blow to the outside of the knee, resulting in a tear on the inside of the knee. These injuries are very common in football and hockey. You can often tell it is a ligament injury based on the popping sound that accompanies the injury.

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Osgood-Schlatter Disease is caused by repeated stress on the upper tibia, causing the soft tissues surrounding the tendon that is attached to the tibia to become inflamed and painful. This is particularly common in sports that require jumping or running frequently.

Injuries to the tendons

Injuries to the knee tendons can be caused by a variety of things. Tendonitis, a ruptured tendon, a torn tendon, or overuse can all contribute to knee tendon pain.

Injuries to the meniscus

The meniscus can be torn when the upper leg is quickly twisted, or from repetitive knee rotations with added weight.

Referred pain

Pain from other surrounding areas in the body can cause referred pain in the knee. For example, nerve compression in the pelvis may cause pain to refer to the knee.

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