Carpal tunnel syndrome is a widespread medical condition that affects millions; however, the causes remain largely unknown. Carpal tunnel is marked by stiffness and pain in the hands caused by compression of the median nerve. Over time, symptoms get progressively worse, and generally requires treatment in the form of medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, or surgery. Because the causes are unknown, it is hard to identify exactly how to prevent carpal tunnel, but there are steps you can take to minimize the stress you put on your hands and wrists throughout the day.


Take breaks.


Typing all day can be hard on your hands; be sure to take breaks often to stretch them. If you perform a job that requires you to be very physical, it is especially important that you give your hands a break.


Sit up straight.


If you sit hunched over all the time, the slump of your shoulders can compress the nerves in your neck, which affects your hands and wrists. Practice good posture. While you are at it, relax your wrists and keep them at elbow height when typing.


Relax your grip.


Gripping too hard can be painful for your hands and wrists. Relax your hold on things, and you will save your hands some stress.


Stay warm.


Cold environments stiffen our hands, so keep the room warm. If you cannot control the temperature in the room, wear gloves to keep your wrists warm.  
Carpal tunnel is an annoying and painful condition, but if you are gentle on your hands, wrists, and fingers, you may be able to avoid it. If you do develop carpal tunnel, Schilsky Chiropractic in Jacksonville can help. Call us today!