Many injuries of the back occur at the small bony structures of the spine. These injuries can cause serious pain, stiffness, and immobility. Often times individuals who have injured the  vertebra do not seek out help. Jacksonville, NC chiropractic centers, such as Schilsky Chiropractic can help. The small vertebra of the spine have a complex shape and articular surfaces.

A vertebra (when looked at from an aerial view) is made up of the body which is the largest portion. It is oval in shape and has a smooth surface. Right above the vertebral body you will see a opening called the spinal canal. This is where the spinal cord passes through each vertebra. The thick outer walls of the spinal canal are made of of the pedicles. The thick bone that forms the arch of the spinal canal is called the lamina. The portion of the vertebra that you can feel when you touch your back is called the spinous process. The facet joints are where each vertebra connect to each other. They are located on each side of the spinal canal next to the lamina.

Each vertebra is stacked on top of each other with a cushioning structure that sits in between each vertebra. The intervertebral disc sits upon the vertebral body. This intervertebral disc acts as a shock absorption structure and keeps bone from rubbing on bone. This structure also allows for the motion of the spinal column. This thick cushion is made up of cartilage with two different parts. The inner structure is known as the nucleus pulposus. The thick and strong outer portion is known as the annulus fibrosis.

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