Massage therapy is one of the many Jacksonville chiropractic services that is offered to the patients of Schilsky Chiropractic Center. It’s time to get away from the concept of spa treatments when the word “massage” is used. When used in conjunction with chiropractic care, massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial to patients of all ages. The health benefits of massage are numerous and is causing massage to become widely used within healthcare.

A licensed massage therapist will use certain massage techniques depending on what they are trying to accomplish. Swedish massage is fantastic for relaxation because it is the most gentle form of massage therapy. Deep tissue massage focuses on deep muscles and connective tissue to help relieve injuries or muscle damage. Sports massage is a form of massage that is used for the athletic population. This technique will help relieve sore muscles and prevent injuries. Trigger point massage is a more forceful massage that focuses on relieving tight musculature from overuse, improper posture, and much more.

Schilsky Chiropractic Center will use massage as one of it’s chiropractic services because the health benefits associated with massage therapy. Researchers have numerous studies showing that massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve stress, tight musculature, and help with relaxation. It has also been shown to reduce pain and muscle tension. There is even more research being done into other areas in which massage therapy has shown effective; relieving anxiety, reducing fibromyalgia pain, decreasing headaches, and relieving insomnia.

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