Chiropractors are professional health care personnel that focus on hands on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. Their focus is on holistic treatment though spinal manipulations, rehabilitative exercise, therapeutic modalities, and massage. Many individuals seek chiropractic care for back pain and immobility issues. Jacksonville chiropractic services at Schilsky Chiropractic Center offer on site and off site services for convenience and proper diagnosis. One of the most common questions surrounding chiropractic care focuses on educational background of the doctors of chiropractic.

Prior to being accepted into a doctor of chiropractic program a potential chiropractor must complete a 4 year degree. These individuals must also complete all of the necessary prerequisites; biology, human anatomy, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, statistics, and certain psychology courses. Once an individual has been accepted into an accredited chiropractic college, they will focus on hands-on training, clinical experience, and academic learning. This schooling can last up to 4-5 years. Specialty degrees are also available for those who would like to specialize in sports or adolescent chiropractic care. The training for specialty care can last upwards of 2 years once they graduate from a chiropractic program. Once these individuals graduate from their respective, accredited colleges, they must become licensed within their states in order to legally practice.

Doctors of chiropractic are heavily educated so their patients will receive the highest level of chiropractic care. Jacksonville chiropractic services at Schilsky Chiropractic Center are only practiced by fully licensed doctors of chiropractic. Aches, pains, and immobility issues will be professionally cared for with amazing efficiency. Chiropractic care is incredibly safe and can help with a variety of different disorders, illnesses, and injuries. Take care of your body in the most natural way possible. Call Schilsky Chiropractic Center today for an appointment!