Headaches are an incredibly common affliction. You would be hard pressed to find an individual who has never experienced a headache at any time in their life. For those who suffer from chronic headaches they know how miserable it is to live with headaches. Many times these individuals have tried most every type of medical treatment and medication to rid themselves of their symptoms. Believe it or not, your local Jacksonville Chiropractor can help with your chronic headaches!

Chiropractic care has been proven to alleviate headaches in many patients. Headaches can be triggered by many things including stress! Tension headaches are triggered by tight musculature in the shoulders and neck. Many Americans who spend their day in front of the computer suffer from chronic tight musculature that can eventually lead to headache. When the muscles in your shoulders and neck become overstressed and tight they begin to pull at the base of your head. Over time this can lead to headaches, tenderness of your neck and shoulders, and immobility. Your Jacksonville Chiropractor can help ease those tight muscles that are causing the pain. Spinal manipulations and other chiropractic adjustments will help improve your function and range of motion. Headaches do not have to plague you any longer!

If you are suffering from chronic headaches that get worse with stress, visit Schilsky Chiropractic Center. Our expert Doctors of Chiropractic have over 20 years of experience that will help your chronic headaches. Stop taking pills to alleviate your headaches and tight muscles. Choose an all-natural and holistic approach to your health care and start living your life again!