Spine-Med Decompression

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Well established statistics relevant to back pain depict that 80% of the population will experience severe back pain during their lives, and that millions of people live with chronic back pain each day. Excessive loading of the spine through changes in our lifestyle and extended periods of sitting while driving or working at a desk cause premature degeneration of intervertebral discs, and repeated injury of the disc annulus.

With all of this unnatural positioning and loading of the human spine, there is little wonder that severely damaged discs almost never heal. It is estimated that the cycle of renewal in the normal disc (necessary for collagen synthesis and repair) takes approximately 500 days. This inherently slow cycle is additionally compromised in the damaged disc. Lowering intradiscal pressures through spinal decompression will greatly improve the overall healing process. With the decreased pressure on the spinal column the cycle of renewal is greatly facilitated.

Accurate and controlled non-surgical spinal decompression of intervertebral discs is now possible in a quiet and safe office environment with the SpineMED™ System.

SpineMED™ doesn’t employ the antiquated technology of certain traction components. This specialized machine completes lumbar decompression of the skeletal system through a unique and proprietary design not found in any other decompression device in the world.

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