Kinesio/Athletic Taping kinesio tapingKinesio Tex Taping is a method based on a simple principle: the body heals itself and with a little help, it does so faster and with greater efficiency. Kinesio Tape is about the weight and thickness of the human dermis, making it comfortable and supportive. With proper application, it allows greater fluid flow, better muscle control and reduced pain in injured areas. These factors prolong the benefits of manual therapy and promote faster healing. Because is it unidirectionally flexible, moisture resistant and latex-free, it is ideal for longer periods of use without damage to the skin. Kinesio Taping has 5 Major Physiologic Effects: Sensory Stimulation of Skin & Nervous System Circulatory and Lymph Drainage Improvement Relieves Fascial Contraction during/after soft tissue injury Replicate and Enhance Muscle Function Stimulate Proprioceptors for Improved Joint Function A quote from ICA SPorts Chiropractor of the Year: “Kinesio Taping prompts lymphatic drainage, improves proprioperceptive input, resolves fascial torque, supports muscle function, allows for complete range of motion, can be worn for 4 days, doesn’t pull away from the skin when moist, breathes well, can be removed easily without pulling off layers of skin, requires very few pieces of applied tape, and is hypoallergenic (no latex). In summary, it’s a dream come true. Pure Genius!! Kinesio Taping allows the patient to start moving sooner in the way so that correct neurologic input is provided without exposing soft tissue to exacerbation during tissue remodeling.” Jeffery Spencer, DC, MA, CCSP; Team Chiropractor for Lance Armstrong and The Discovery Cycling Team ’99-’05 & ICA Sports Chiropractor of the Year.

Athletes of all ages can benefit from chiropractic treatments. Athletic injuries are bound to occur. The body is incredibly efficient at healing itself. We at Schilsky Chiropractic Center follow this way of thinking and offer kinesio taping for sports injuries. Our athletic taping techniques will help your body heal the injuries more quickly. Before you decide you are too injured to return to the field of play, visit a sports chiropractor. We can help you naturally heal in time for the big game.